Floral Fancy
September 24, 2014

Featured in the Floral Inspired Patterned Elegance – Lavish Dulhan Winter/Spring 2014; PRODUCER & STYLIST: Rosanne Farano-Romanino, The Social Rose; CREATIVE DIRECTION: Rosanne Farano-Romanino, Jarar Kazmi; FLORAL DESIGN: The Social Rose; PHOTOGRAPHY: Melanie Rebane Photography; CAKE & SWEET TABLE: Fine Cakes by Zehra; BEAUTY: Amplified Soul Makeup & Hair Couture; BRIDAL ATTIRE: Ines Di Santo “Versailles”; HAIR & MAKE-UP: Salon Diva, Lang Nguyen; JEWELLERY: Tara Fava Custom Jewellery Design; LINENS: Have a Seat; VENUE: The GrandLuxe Event Boutique; STATIONERY: So Pretty In Print; CHAIR RENTALS: Detailz Chair Couture; DANCE FLOOR: Dance Floor Décor;

PRODUCER & STYLIST : Rosanne Farano-Romanino,The Social Rose
Creative Directions : Rosanne Farano-Romanino,Jarar Kazmi
Florals : The Social Rose
Photography : Melanie Rebane Photography
Cakescape & Sweets Table : Fine Cakes by Zehra
Beauty : Amplified Soul Makeup & Hair Couture
Bridal Attire : Ines Di Santo “Versailles”
Hair & Makeup : Salon Diva,Lang Nguyen
Jewellery  : Tara Fava Custom Jewellery Design
Linen : Have a Seat
Venues : he GrandLuxe Event Boutique
Stationery : So Pretty In Print
CHAIR RENTAL : Detailz Chair Couture
Dance Floor : Dance Floor Decor
Floral Fancy