Purple Passion
December 8, 2015

Inspired by the Victorian period, Purple Passion uses a combination of violets, reds and golds to create a rich and eternal look. Details including the antique gold hand embroidery in the dress, to the hand painted florals on the cake add to the warmth of the style shoot, while the contrast of deep rich hues draw your attention to the overall contrast of colours.

Creative Director & Co-Producer : Karma Design Studio
Co-Producer, Planner & Stylist : Biji Planners
Decor & Design : Karma Design Studio
Photography : Xero Digital
Florals : A Petal Or Two
Cakes : Marshall Cake Artistry
Beauty : LeSonne Bridals
Stationery : G Designers
Fashion : Chandan Fashion
Jewellery : Mayas Boutique
Creative Floors : Exotik Wrapz/Designer Dance Floors
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