Purple Rain - A Tribute to Prince
September 8, 2017

We journey through celebrations Like a stanza lathered in harmony Our dilemma is love and light A revolution revoked by one direction A beat liquifies through a halo One to intoxicate our lust for rhythm Uncertainty illuminates a ring of fire Emitting rays of indigo dipped fireflies We lure ourselves into a darkness Where we bathe in purple rain. To an angel we love dearest To a blossom who danced within us all We give join in a blissful reunion To recall Nadia Mohabir

Photography : Photasia Photography
Art Director, Stylist & Henna : Breath Of Henna
Model : Nadia Mohabir (rest in peace)
Beauty : MakeUpLady.ca
South Asian Fashion & Sherwani : Chandan Fashion
Accessories & Black Pants : Zara
Venue : Hart House